Exploring Annotations

Annotations are identified by blue markers that look like this: Annotation Icon, and are a way for developers to convey important, non-visible information about the design to other project members. As a Reviewer, you cannot create Annotations, but you should explore them in order to better understand the design’s creator’s intentions. Annotation markers are numbered, and you will typically want to explore them in order.

The content of an annotation is displayed in a yellow note when the mouse hovers over the marker, like this:

Annotation Hover Note

Clicking on the annotation marker selects it, and reveals the annotation sidebar if it is not already visible, like this:

Selected Annotation with Sidebar

Likewise, selecting an annotation in the sidebar will highlight it on the design. You can use the sidebar this way to step from one annotation to the next. You can de-select the annotation by clicking elsewhere on the design.

Normally, ProtoShare shows all annotation markers on the design. There are times, however, where you may want to hide the markers. You can do so using the Annotation Marker Toggle button in the toolbar above the viewing area. Note: If an annotation is selected in the sidebar, its marker will always be shown on the design.