Browsing Designs

ProtoShare allows editors to create multiple designs for each page. This is a good way to explore different ideas within the same prototype. For example, high-, medium-, and low-fidelity designs can be created for one or more pages.

The list of designs for the current is displayed in the Designs menu or within the Design Filmstrip panel. To open the filmstrip panel, select Show Designs in Filmstrip from the View menu. You can jump directly to an alternate design by clicking its thumbnail in the menu or filmstrip.

When viewing a page, you will only one of its designs at a time. There are three options that control which design you will see. You can select a different option from the Design menu:

Selecting a Browsing Option

Browse Active Designs

With this option selected, you will see the design that has been designated as the page’s “active” design. This is the default behavior.

Browse Named Designs

With this option selected, you will see the design with a specific name. If the current page does not have a design with the selected name, you will see a message that the requested design is not available.

The “specific name” is set to the name of the current design at the time this option is selected. For example, when viewing a design named “Wireframe”, the option is called “Browse ‘Wireframe’ Designs”, and selecting it will cause you to see “Wireframe” designs. To use a different name, navigate to a design with that name before selecting this option.

For example, browse the low-fidelity designs of your pages by naming all of those designs “Lo-Fi” and selecting this option.

Browse Named or Active Designs

This option acts like a combination of the other two. In general, you will see the design with the selected name. If the current page does not have such a design, you will see its active design instead.

For example, try out an alternate design for a single page by giving that design a unique name and selecting this option. For all other pages, you will see the active designs.