Archiving Topics

Topics can be Archived when they are no longer relevant. Archiving Topics serves as a way of de-cluttering the Topic Listing, while simultaneously keeping information available for historical references purposes. When you Archive a Topic it will continue to show up as unread, along-side the Active Topics, for any Subscribers who have not seen the latest version of it. This ensures that Topic Subscribers maintain full visibility into the lifecycle of Topics they are tracking. Once an Archived topic has been marked as read, it can be viewed by switching the Topiic listing to display only Archived Topics, using the View->Show Archived Topics action.

To Archive a Topic:

1. Select the Topic
Select the Topic in the Topic Listing that you want to archive.

2. Archive the Topic
In the Topic detail pane, below the message body, click the Archive button. Alternatively, you can use the Archive action from the File or Context menus. Using the menu actions allows you to archive multiple Topics at once.