Using ProtoShare

As a reviewer, your primary job in ProtoShare is to provide feedback to help the project editors move forward with their designs. Feedback in ProtoShare is organized into discussion topics. One person creates a topic, and other project members (including the original author) comment on the topic.

Because of this, you will spend most of your time in the project review screen, which looks like this:

Project Review Screen

The review screen is made up of three primary panels:

  • The topic listing, which acts as your review “inbox”, showing the list of discussion topics for you to participate in.
  • The topic details panel, which shows the full topic subject and body, as well as the comments that have been made.
  • The viewing area, which shows the design that the topic refers to, as well as pushpins indicating the specific location.

There are three additional panels can be shown by selecting them from the View menu in the toolbar above the viewing area:

  • The design filmstrip, which shows thumbnails of all of the designs for the current page.
  • The annotation listing, which lists the annotations that have been added to the design by an editor.
  • The documentation panel, which shows any documentation for the current page that has been added by an editor.

The viewing area toolbar also includes controls that allow you to interact with the prototype in various ways, such as navigating to different pages or designs.

Note: You can show and hide all of the ProtoShare controls using the Hide Detail Panels, Markers and Toolbars Button button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

When you first open the project review screen, the project’s homepage design loads in the viewing area. Designs contains content added by the project’s editors, such as images, links, styled text, and navigation. Designs can also contain annotations, which are identified by Annotation Icon  icons.

Now that you’re familiar with the general ProtoShare interface, dig deeper into exploring topics.