Rearranging Pages

The page hierarchy is an important consideration for website prototypes. It represents the website architecture, and defines the default page order when creating live navigation. You can change the page hierarchy at any time by dragging them to a new location in the site map. Changes are immediately reflected in the navigation and valid links are automatically maintained.

To rearrange a page, follow these steps:

1. Click the Pages tab.

2. Select the page to be rearranged.
Click the page name in the site map. To select multiple pages, use Ctrl + click (PC) or cmd + click (Mac).

Drag the page to a new location.
Drag the page to a new location. If the page has subpages, they are moved as well. To include a page as a subpage, drag it on top of its parent. If the parent already has subpages, the page control will automatically expand.

As shown below, the Computers page is being moved to a new location.