Importing Pages

ProtoShare allows you to copy pages between projects. In ProtoShare, this is called “importing” the pages.

Importing allows you to easily copy a small set of pages from one project to another. If you want to copy just a few designs, it may be easier to import just those designs. If you want to copy a larger set, it may be easier duplicate the source project and then remove the items that you don’t want.

Note: When importing a page, ProtoShare automatically detects any library items, such as templates or assets, that are used on it and imports them as well. Styles from the source project’s style sheet are not imported, though.

Importing a Page

To import pages from “Project A” into “Project B”, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Project B”.
  2. Find the location in the Pages panel where you want place the imported pages.
  3. From the Page menu, select the Import… item. This opens the Page Import window.
  4. At the top of the page import window, select “Project A”. The selected project’s pages are listed in the area below.
  5. Find the pages you want to import, drag them from the page import window, and drop them in the location you chose in step (2).