Uploading Assets

To use images, movies, and other assets in your designs, they must be uploaded to ProtoShare. You can upload assets directly to the Assets folder in the Library, or by dragging and dropping files directly to the Editor canvas.

To upload assets to the Library, follow these steps:

1. Click the Library tab, or Open the Asset browser from the component inspector
The Library contains all the reusable resources available within the project, including assets.

2. Select the destination Asset folder
Select the default asset folder or create a new folder. Note that you can move assets around by dragging them from one folder to another.

3. Upload assets
Click Item > Upload Assets, and select the assets to upload from your computer.

To Upload assets using Drag & Drop, follow these steps:

1. Drag & Drop
Drag an image ( or other file ) from your computer’s desktop, file browser, or another web browser window, and drop it anywhere on the editor canvas.

2. Wait for upload
The dropped file will begin uploading immediately, and a new component will be created on the canvas at the drop position. Usually this will be an Image component. For non-image assets, a hyperlink component will be created that links directly to the asset. This allows you to create download links for PDFs, docs, and other types of files.

Note: Assets created via Drag & Drop are automatically stored in the Library within a folder labeled with your username ( e.g. “Uploaded by John Smith” ) and can thus be shared across your project like all other Assets.