Importing Library Items

You can import Library items from any project within your ProtoShare account. Likewise, any Library items you create are available for other project members to import.

If you use a standard set of Library items within you company, you should collect these items within one project and provide all your prototype developers with access.

To import Library items, follow these steps:

1. Click the Library tab.
The Library contains all the reusable resources available within the project.

2. Open the Library Import dialog.
Click Folder > Import.

3. Choose a source project.
All projects in which you have membership are available. After choosing a project, its Templates, Masters, and Assets folders load.

4. Select the items to import.
You can import only one Library item type at a time (template, master, or asset). However, you can select multiple subfolders and items of a given type.

5. Drag the selection to your Library.
The target location must be of the same type as the source selection (template, master, or asset). Note that any assets associated with the selection are imported as well. However, custom styles are not imported, and you should copy the styles from the source project and paste them into the target project.