Opening a Project for Review

Open a project in the Review interface to provide feedback and track decisions on its designs. The Review interface is separate from the Editor and the Administrative screens, and is the sole location for providing feedback.

You can open a project for review from the Welcome screen or the Projects screen. The project opens with the Home page’s active design displayed, but all visible pages and designs are available.

To open a project for review from within the Editor, follow these steps:

1. Open the project of interest.
Select a project in the Welcome screen or the Projects screen and click the Open button.

2. Select a design.
Select a page in the Pages tab, select a design thumbnail in the Page Designs pane, or open a design in the Editor.

3. Open the project for review.
Click Share Design in the File menu, the right-click context menu, or the toolbar. The project opens in the Review interface with the selected design displayed.