Removing People from Projects

The Memberships pane in the People screen lists all the projects associated with the selected user profiles. If you have Project Manager privileges or better, you can remove people from a project. Removing people from a project prevents them from accessing the project, but does not remove them from the ProtoShare account. If you want to remove a person from the account, delete the profile instead.

To remove people from a project, follow these steps:

1. Click the People tab.
The People screen lists all the user profiles available to you.

2. Select the users to remove.
Click the profile in the grid. To select multiple users, use Ctrl + click (PC) or cmd + click (Mac).

3. Select a project.
All projects associated with the selected profiles are listed in the Membership pane. If multiple profiles are selected, only projects associated with all the users are displayed.

4. Remove people from the project.
Click the Remove button. A confirmation dialog opens. Click the Remove Users from Project button.