Resending an Invitation

New users are sent an invitation email, which contains a link to the ProtoShare sign-in page. This invitation provides a way for new users to complete their account details, and sign into the ProtoShare account. However, the invitation contains an access key that will expire. If an invitation expires or is inaccessible, you can resend it.

To resend an invitation, follow these steps:

1. Click the People tab.
The People screen lists all the user profiles available to you.

2. Select the profile.
Click the profile in the grid. To select multiple profiles, use Ctrl + click (PC) or cmd + click (Mac). If a user has already signed in, you cannot resend the invitation.

Resend the invitation.
Click Resend Invite from the toolbar or File menu. The Invitation dialog opens. Click the Send Invitation button in the dialog.