Choosing a User Role

ProtoShare has five user roles, which provide you with the flexibility to efficiently manage projects and team members. You can assign the appropriate role based on the skills and responsibilities of the user, whether it be creating designs, reviewing pages, or managing user profiles. Note that multiple users can be assigned a particular role, but each user can have only one role.

The five roles are described below:

User Role Description
Account Manager Has access to all ProtoShare features. The person who signs up for the ProtoShare account is assigned the Account Manager role. Account Managers can manage all projects and people, and is the only user role that can grant or revoke access to the accounts billing information.
Company Manager Has access to all ProtoShare features, but cannot access billing information unless granted access by an Account Manager.
Project Manager Has access to all project-related features and some management features. Project Managers can manage any project that they are a member of.
Developer Has access to project-related features only. The Developer’s primary responsibilities include creating pages, designs, and templates.
Reviewer Has access to only the collaboration-related features.

Accessing Billing Information

Only an Account Manager can grant or revoke access to the account’s billing information. This is done by checking the box labeled “Allow this user to access billing information” in the user profile inspector. Note that at least one user on the account must be allowed to access the billing information, but this privilege can be granted to any user role. By granting billing access to a non-paid user ( e.g. Reviewer ) you can prevent the case where you are using a paid seat solely to manage billing functions.

User Inspector