Inviting People to the Account

If you have Company Manager privileges or better, you can invite people to your ProtoShare account.

Your ProtoShare plan includes a specific number of Editors per account and Reviewers per project. You can verify your account entitlements by clicking the People tab in the application. You can learn about upgrade options by visiting the ProtoShare pricing page.

To invite people to the account, follow these steps:

1. Click the People tab.

The People screen lists all the user profiles available to you.

2. Invite people to the account.

Click Invite New Users from the File menu. The Invitation dialog opens where you specify the users to invite.

Enter the e-mail addresses in the To field separated by commas, and select the user role. The users you’re permitted to create are limited to your role or lower. To learn more about user roles, refer to Choosing a User Role.

3. Personalize the invitation (optional).

4. Send the invitation.

Click the Send Invitation button. Managers are sent an invitation email, which contains a link to the ProtoShare account. Developers and Reviewers are sent an invitation email only when they are added as members of at least one project.