Managing People

Each person with access to your ProtoShare account has a user profile. You can create as many users as you billing plan allows.

Depending on your role, you may not have access to some or all user management features.

You can invite new people to your project from the project dashboard and when creating a new discussion topic or adding subscribers to an existing one. For more elaborate user management, use the people tab, which looks like this:

People Tab

People Tab

The people tab is made up of a user list on the left, and a membership list on the right.

The membership list shows the users that are members of the selected projects. You can use the membership list to manage project members.

The user list supports multiple selection and can be sorted by clicking the column headers. In addition, you can filter the list by typing into its search field. Using the user list, you can invite, email, and delete users. You can also resend invitations to people who may have lost their original invitations.

Use the Get Info button or menu item to open the inspector for a user. From the inspector, you can change a user’s role, or change their password. When updating the profile picture or password, your changes will be saved immediately, regardless of whether you choose Save or Cancel in the inspector.

Next up, learn more about sending and resending invitations.