Moving Designs

You can move a design from one page to another. This helps to quickly start a new, similar design. For example you can duplicate an existing design, move the duplicate to the desired page, and then modify the duplicate. This process is usually faster than duplicating the page. If you want to reuse an identical design for multiple pages, you should use a template instead. Refer to Using Templates for more information.

To move a design, follow these steps:

1. Click the Pages tab.
All project pages are displayed in an interactive site map.

2. Select the page of interest.
The design thumbnails are displayed in the Page Designs pane below the site map.

3. Select the design to be moved.

4. Move the design.
Drag the design from the Page Designs pane, and drop it on a page.

As shown below, you move designs by dragging them from one page to another.