There are three main screens in ProtoShare: The account overview screen, the project editing screen, and the project review screen. There are separate editing and review screens for each project, and each screen opens in its own browser window or tab. You can bookmark any screen for quick access to it.

Account Overview

The account overview screen provides access to your projects, and allows you to manage projects, users and billing information through the tabs along the top.

Project Editing Screen

The project editing screen is where you build your prototype using the visual layout editor.

Project Review Screen

The project review screen is where you participate in discussions and gather feedback on your prototype.

Across the top of every screen is a toolbar with some generally-useful controls.

ProtoShare Logo

Clicking the logo in the upper-left corner will open the account overview screen. From the account overview screen you can open another project.

Profile, Account and Help Menus

In the upper-right corner, the Profile menu under your name allows you to edit your user profile, restore default preferences and sign out of ProtoShare. You can also manage account settings via the Account menu. The Help menu provides quick access to our customer support, including this user guide.

Now it’s time to jump into some specific topics. First, let’s learn about accessing projects.