Exporting an HTML Archive

You can create an archive containing a browsable, fully interactive prototype by exporting your project as a Zip file. The archive will contain only the active designs of the selected pages. In addition to creating a local archive, you can export to the web, which uploads your project to the ProtoShare server.

Exporting to the web is a good way to conduct user testing or to test your prototype on a mobile device. You can share the exported archive by including its URL in an email.

To export an HTML archive, follow these steps:

1. Click the Pages tab.
The export functionality is available via the Page menu in the Pages tab.

2. Select the pages to include (optional).
The export includes content from the selected pages only. Linked pages not explicitly specified are not included in the archive.

3. Open the Export Pages dialog.
Select the appropriate export choice from the File menu.

4. Specify a file name (optional).

5. Select the HTML Archive check box.

6. Select the designs to export.
By default, the active design is exported for each page. You can choose to export a named design instead. Also, you can optionally select the Publish to Web checkbox.

7. Click the Export button.
The Export History dialog opens and includes the exported archive. Using the toolbar controls, you can download, publish to web (or unpublish), and delete the file.