Exporting a Specification

You can create a printed specification by exporting your project to a Microsoft Word file. Creating a printed specification is a good choice if you require a hardcopy sign-off for a project.

To export a screenshot that includes page states, you include an annotation on the page with the states active, and select the Screenshots check box.

To export a specification, follow these steps:

1. Click the Pages tab.
The export functionality is available via the File menu in the Pages tab.

2. Select the pages to include (optional).
The export includes content from the selected pages only.

3. Open the Export Pages dialog.
Select the appropriate export choice from the File menu.

4. Specify a file name (optional).

5. Select the Specification check box.

6. Select the content to export.
You can tailor the document to specific audiences by exporting only the relevant information such as screenshots, templates and masters, discussion topics, and more.

7. Click the Export button.
The Export History dialog opens and includes the exported specification. Using the toolbar controls, you can download and delete the file.