Using Touch Events

Normally, component actions are triggered by mouse events, like click and double-click. On a mobile device, like a phone or tablet, there is no mouse. Instead, these devices emulate mouse events using their native touch-screen events.

This generally works fine, but has some limitations and can prevent ProtoShare designs from feeling like native apps. If you are designing a native phone or tablet application, this can be a problem.

Each component can be configured to use touch events, rather than mouse events, to give it a more native feel. To enable touch events, set the Use Touch Events checkbox in the Actions section of the Inspector to Yes.

When using touch events, the labels in the Actions section change to reflect the touch events to which they respond, and the Press appearance mode button (in the Appearance section) changes to Touch.

Mouse Events vs. Touch Events



Note: Given the nature of touch events, the Hover appearance mode does not apply to touch-screen devices, regardless of the Use Touch Events setting.