Testing States

Because states can be complex, it’s important to test their behavior. While working in the Editor, you can test states using interactive mode. Interactive mode allows you to interact with component functionality as if you were viewing the design in a browser without any ProtoShare functionality.

In addition to using Test mode, you can test states in the Sidebar, either by selecting their values in the States tab or by toggling component visibility in the Components pane.

To test states using test mode, follow these steps:

1. Reset the state to its default value.
To begin, you might want to configure the state to use its default value before you begin testing. To do so, click the Reset button ( next to Refresh ) in the upper right of the editor toolbar.

2. Place the Editor into Test mode.
Click the Test mode button in the Editor toolbar. To learn more about this mode, refer to Using Test Mode.

3. Interact with the state.
Interact the state by performing the appropriate actions for the relevant components. A notification message is displayed in the Editor for each interaction.