Using States

You can enhance the interactivity of your prototype by using states. States allow you to hide or show components based on actions you perform in the design such as clicking a button or mousing over an image. Using states, you can create pop-ups, mega menus, and much more.

All components can use states. Additionally, ProtoShare has a collection of purpose-built components that facilitate the creation of complex state configurations such as tab panels, carousels, and slide shows.

The pages in this section describe how to use states. Topics include:

  • Planning State Interactions – Plan your interactions by thinking about the necessary components, states, actions, and visibility settings.
  • Creating States – Create a new state and its values.
  • Configuring Actions – Configure the components that you want to associate with actions such as a mouse click.
  • Configuring Visibility – Configure the components that you want to hide or display based on the defined actions.
  • Testing States – The Editor provides tools to help you test the behavior of states.
  • Editing States – Editing a State’s properties and values.