Creating Links

It’s easy to create links within and between pages in ProtoShare. Some components automatically create links for you. Most other components can be made to act as links using the Actions section of the Inspector.

  • To link to another page, select the target page for the On Click — Link action.
  • To link within a design, by scrolling, assign an “id” to the target component (for example “section-2”), and set the On Click — Link action to it’s fragment URL (for example “#section-2”).
  • To link within a design, by changing state values, use the On Click — States action.

Creating Links with the Link Tool

Link Tool Button

The Link tool allows you to quickly create interactive areas on the editor canvas by drawing boxes to create links, rather than repeatedly creating and resizing Hyperlink components. In addition, links drawn in with the Link Tool have a special display style such that their regions are clearly visible when editing, but become transparent when viewing the design.

The most common use-case for using the Link tool is when you need to add interactivity to a static design comp image.

To use the link tool:

  • Click the Link tool button in the toolbar.
  • Click and drag on the canvas to select the region to make into a link.

A Link Created with the Link Tool