Review Quick Start

This quick start guide shows you how to open the review screen for a project, create new discussion topics, and respond to existing ones.

When you’re ready for feedback on one of your designs, select Open In Review from the Share menu in the toolbar above the visual editor canvas. The project review screen opens in a new browser tab, and looks like this:

Project Review Screen

There are Review Button buttons and menu items throughout ProtoShare; clicking any of them will take you to this project review screen.

The project review screen is divided into a list of topics on the left, and a large viewing area on the right. Your design automatically loads in the viewing area.

When reviewing a design, you solicit feedback by creating discussion topics for your design. Other project members can then respond to your feedback by commenting on your topics, or creating their own.

Click the Add Topics Button button in the toolbar above the viewing area to begin. A yellow border appears around the viewing area, indicating that clicking will create a new topic:

"Add Topics" Mode

Click on the design to create a new topic. A red pushpin appears where you clicked, and the New Topic dialog appears, which looks like this:

Pushpin and New Topic Dialog

Use the subject and body of the topic to set the stage for the discussion. The subscribers section allows you to choose who is included in this discussion from a list the project’s members. If you would like to subscribe someone who is not yet a member of your project, you can use the Add Members… button to invite them to your project, and then subscribe them. You can learn more about managing users and inviting people to your account in the main user guide.

To respond to an existing topic, first select the topic in the list. The viewing area updates to show the design that the topic refers to, and the topic’s pushpin is shown:

Viewing a Topic

The full topic body, existing comments, and a box to add a new comment are shown in the topic details area below the topic listing, like this:

Reading and Commenting on a Topic

That’s all it takes to get feedback on your designs so you can keep moving forward. We know that getting feedback is the key to successful prototyping, so we’ve made it as easy as possible.

ProtoShare is a very powerful application, and the quick start guides only scratch the surface. You can learn more about reviewing designs in the main user guide. If you like to learn by watching, there are lots of video tutorials available on our website. The most fun way to learn, though, is just to play with the app and see what you can build.

If you’d like to learn more about ProtoShare, visit the main user guide.