Editor Keyboard Shortcut Reference

The Editor keyboard shortcuts are given in the table below. The first column indicates the section or function of the Editor associated with the shortcut. Note that the shortcut keys might change depending on the browser you’re using. However, the toolbar and context menus will always show the correct key for the current browser.

Section/Function Keys Description
Any Esc Return to Edit mode
Any N Enter Annotate Mode
Any L Enter Link Mode
Any T Enter Test Mode
Any Ctrl (cmd) + Z Undo last action
Any Ctrl (cmd) + Shift + Z Redo last undo
Any Del, Backspace Delete selected items
Canvas Enter Open Rich Text Editor
Canvas Ctrl (cmd) + I Show/hide Inspector
Canvas Ctrl (cmd) + L Show/hide Sidebar
Canvas Ctrl (cmd) + A Select all
Canvas Ctrl (cmd) + Shift + A Select none
Canvas Ctrl (cmd) + C Copy
Canvas Ctrl (cmd) + V Paste
Canvas Alt + Del Remove styles
Canvas G Group
Canvas Shift + G Ungroup
Canvas P Lock position
Canvas Shift + P Unlock position
Canvas C Lock contents
Canvas Shift + C Unlock contents
Canvas Shift + [ Align top edges
Canvas ] Align right edges
Canvas Shift + ] Align bottom edges
Canvas [ Align left edges
Canvas Shift + Align vertical centers
Canvas Align horizontal centers
Canvas B Send backward
Canvas F Bring forward
Canvas Shift + B Send to back
Canvas Shift + F Bring to front
Canvas down arrow Nudge down 1 px
Canvas Shift + down arrow Nudge down 10 px
Canvas left arrow Nudge left 1 px
Canvas Shift + left arrow Nudge left 10 px
Canvas right arrow Nudge right 1 px
Canvas Shift + right arrow Nudge right 10 px
Canvas up arrow Nudge up 1 px
Canvas Shift + up arrow Nudge up 10 px
Canvas > click Shift Add/remove clicked component to/from the selection
Canvas > drag Esc Cancel drag operation
Canvas > drag Alt Prefer copy (instead of move)
Sidebar Del, Backspace Delete selected components
Sidebar down arrow Replace selection vertically with next visible component
Sidebar up arrow Replace selection vertically with previous visible component
Sidebar Shift + down arrow Extend selection vertically to next visible component
Sidebar Shift + up arrow Extend selection vertically to previous visible component
Sidebar left arrow Hide children of selected Container
Sidebar right arrow Show children of selected Container.
Sidebar > click Shift Add/remove clicked component to/from the selection