Welcome to the ProtoShare Editor User Guide. You can browse or search for topics using the sidebar on the right.

The primary workflow in ProtoShare for editors is:

  • Edit – Edit a design.
  • Test – Test your design.
  • Share – Share your design with others to get their feedback.

If you’re unfamiliar with ProtoShare,

you can find a quick introduction here.

If you’re new to ProtoShare,

check out the Editing Quick Start to get started prototyping, or the Review Quick Start to get started providing feedback.

If you’re looking for some new tricks to add to your bag,

we have video tutorials covering many of ProtoShare’s more advanced features.

If you’ve been using ProtoShare for a while,

you can learn about the latest features in the release notes.

If you’re feeling stuck,

you can get your questions answered in the forum.