State-Based Radio Button Group

State-Based Radio Button Group Inspector


Create a group of radio buttons based on the values of a State.


The state-based radio button creates radio button controls for each value of the attached state. The controls are automatically grouped into a mutually-exclusive set of options. Each radio button is automatically selected (checked) when the corresponding state value is active. Clicking one of the radio buttons to select it will set the state to the corresponding value.


Note: Configure the layout of the radio buttons using the Max Columns setting in the Position and Size section of the Inspector. The radio buttons are laid out in a rows with up to this many buttons per row.

Name Description
Attached State Select an existing state or create a new state.
Item Text Each state-based radio button can update its text automatically based on the name of the corresponding value.

You can also choose not to display any text next to the radio buttons. This can be useful if you wish to use separate components for the labels.

Enabled Whether the radio buttons are enabled. A disabled radio button is not clickable.