Flash Animation

Flash Animation Inspector


Display a SWF file.


The Flash Animation component provides a way to include a SWF in a design.

You configure the component by specifying the SWF file, which you can upload into ProtoShare as an asset.


The component-specific properties are described below. Refer to Common Properties for descriptions of the common properties.

Name Description
SWF There are several ways to select the SWF to display.

  • Use a project asset by dragging it from the library and dropping in on this field.
  • Use a project asset by typing its URL in the field. You can get an asset’s URL by right-clicking it and choosing “Get URL” from the context menu.
  • Use a project asset by clicking the browse button to the right of the field and selecting the asset.
  • Use a file from outside your project by typing its URL in the field.