State-Based Button

State-Based Button Inspector


Create a button that toggles between two values of a State when clicked.


Configure the component by attaching a State to the button. Clicking the button will then allow you to toggle between the state’s default value and a specific “active” value. This allows you to easily mimic a “toggle button” style control using a single ProtoShare component.

Tip: Use the Active appearance settings to give the button a unique appearance in its toggled/pressed state.

Name Description
Attached State Select an existing state or create a new state.
“Active” Value The state value to activate when this button is clicked. This should be the value’s number, rather than its name. For example, for the “ON” value of a state that has two values, “OFF (1)” and “ON (2)”, use 2.
Text A state-based button can update its text automatically based on the attached state. You can choose to display the name of the attached state, the name of the “active” value, the name of the state’s current value or or the name of the value that will be set when the button is clicked (the “next” value).

You can enter custom text by choosing “Custom…” A new Custom Text setting will appear below the Text setting.

You can also choose not to display any text on your button, which can be useful if you wish to use an icon or image instead of text.

Custom Text * Custom text for the button.
Enabled Whether the button is enabled. A disabled button is not clickable in the design.

* This field is only available when you select “Custom…” for the Text setting.