Breadcrumb Inspector


Create a trail of navigation links.


The Breadcrumbs component creates a trail of navigation links. The links provide you with a convenient way to navigate from the current page to a parent page. The breadcrumbs automatically update when you make changes to the page tree.

You define the pages to include in the breadcrumbs by specifying the starting level and maximum levels to traverse in the page tree. You can also control whether to show the current page. By default, the breadcrumbs start at the project home page and include all pages between the home page and the current page. Pages configured to be hidden from navigation are not displayed in the breadcrumbs.


The component-specific properties are described below. Refer to Common Properties for descriptions of the common properties.

Name Description
Start Level Depth in the page tree from which the breadcrumb trail begins. For example, a value of 2 will start the breadcrumbs one level below the root. Leave this field blank, or set it to 1, to start at the project home page.
Max Levels Maximum number of sub-levels to display. For example, a value of 2 will stop the breadcrumbs after the two levels, no matter how deeply nested the page is. Leave this field blank to show all levels.
Hide Current Page Allows you to hide the current page from the breadcrumbs. Check the box to hide the current page.
Separator Text Text to use as the separator between the breadcrumb links. Clear this field to remove the spacing between the links.