Accordion Panel (Deprecated)


Create an interactive accordion.


The Accordion Panel creates an interactive accordion. You configure the component by specifying the panels and their associated content, and by configuring the component look-and-feel.

Specifying Content

You specify content by creating an H1 for each panel in the Rich Text Editor, and adding content for the panel such as text, images, and tables. By default, the component includes three panels and associated placeholder text.

To edit the content, follow these steps:

1. Open the Rich Text Editor.
Select the component in the canvas and press the Enter key.

2. Edit the placeholder content.
Each accordion panel must be specified as an H1 using the Heading 1 format. For each panel, you can add any content supported by the Rich Text Editor.

3. Click the Save button.
The default content is shown below.


The component-specific properties are described below. Refer to Common Properties for descriptions of the common properties.

Name Description
Single-Expand Select Yes to display only a single panel. Select No to display multiple panels. Scroll bars are included as needed.
Animate Select Yes to use an animation effect when closing and opening panels.